Session 2023-24 Letters/Documents
MMR Letter May 2024
NEC PP & Fusion P7 – Parents Information February 2024
Industrial Action Update November 2023
Industrial Action November 2023 Update
Industrial Action November 2023
Industrial Action
Standards and Quality Report 2022-23
Parental Letter 15th August 2023
Photo-Permission 2023
Session 2022-23 Letters/Documents
NEC PP & Fusion P7 – Parents Information April 2023
Industrial Action February 2023
Information Letter to Parents
Parent-Carer Letter January 2023
Parent-carer Letter December 2022
Parent letter December 22
Updated Industrial Action Dec 2022
Industrial Action
Period by Period Attendance Procedure 2022
Additional Learning Opportunities 2022-23
Establishment Closure September 22
Open Evening September 2022
Lesmahagow High Improvement Plan 2022/23
Parental Letter 5th September 2022
Parental Letter 31st August 2022
Parental Letter 25th August 2022
School Photographs Letter
Session 2021-22 Letters/Documents
Parental Letter 16 August 2022
End of Term Update June 2022
Risk assessment Reducing Risks in Schools May 2022
Update from J Leitch
SQA Information – March 2022
Parents and Carers from Jason Leitch National Clinical Director – 21 March 2022
Additional Learning Opportunities 2021-22 – February Update
Parental Update 240222
Parental Update 110222
Covid-19 Risk Assessment January 2022
Confirmed Case Schools (secondary) January 2022
Confirmed Cases Schools December 2021
South Lanarkshire Debt Helpline
Parent Letter LHS Updated
Test Information Poster
Privacy Notice Infographic
Privacy Notice LHS 131221
Parent Letter LHS 131221
S3 November Parents Evening – School Cloud Guide
S3 Parents’ Evenings – Letter to Parents (Oct 2021)
2021-11-04 Lesmahagow High HT Appointment
S2 Parents Evening Nov 21
Confirmed Case School September 21
Letter to Parents and Carers from Jason Leitch National Clinical Director – 16 September 2021
Additional Learning Opportunities 2021-22
Wallet Card
Pre-Loved Uniform Sept 21
EMA Information
Standards & Quality Report
Covid19 Reducing the Risk in Schools August 2021
NHS Letter August 2021
S1 Welcome Letter Aug 21
Parent Letter – Tony McDaid
Parent Letter – Return to school August 2021
Consent Form  – August 2021
Parent Letter August 2021
Privacy Notice Update May 2022

Session 2020-21 Letters/Documents

End of Term Letter –  June 2021
NHS Test and Protect – June 21
Prize Giving Information Letter 2021
Parent Letter – Timetable 2021-22
S3 Parental Letter Options and Masterclasses
Record of Progress May 2021
Additional Learning Opportunities 2020 – 21
Parent Letter May 2021
HPV Immunisation Letter (update) – Monday 10th May 2021
Risk Assessment Addendum – April 2021
LHS Return to School – 16.04.21
Letter from Director of Public Health – 01/04/21
HPV Immunisation Letter – Monday, 10th May 2021
Parent Letter 2021
S1 HPV Immunisation Letter March 2021
Lateral Flow Testing Privacy Notice Updated March 2021
Lateral Flow Consent Form – Updated 12-02-21
LHS SSOW March 2021
LHS General Risk Assessment
Learning at Home Information 15th Match 2021
Phased Return to School 15th March Parent Letter
Senior Phase Practical Summary Timetable March 2021
LHS General Risk Assessment February 2021
LHS Reducing the Risk in Schools SSOW February 2021
LHS Lateral Flow Tests February 2021
Learning at Home Information 22nd February 2021
Parent Letter 17/02/21
LFD Expansion Consent form S4-S6
LFD Expansion Privacy Notice
Lateral Flow Test S4- S6 Parent Letter
Lateral Flow Test S1-S3 Parent Letter
Emergency Childcare Information  February 2021
Parent Letter 27th January
S6 Course Choice Letter 2021
S5 Course Choice Letter 2021
S4 Course Choice Letter 2021
Video Conferencing with Learners – Guidance for SLC Learners Parents Carers
Parental Letter January 2021
GradU8 College Update 14th January 2021
Learning at Home Information 11th January 2021
January 2021- Senior Phase Parent leaflet
January 2021 – Senior Phase pupil leaflet
January 2021 – S1 – S3 parent leaflet
January 2021 – S1-S3 pupil leaflet
Parent/Carer update January 2021
Pupil enrolment form (7 Jan 2010)
Parent/Carer update 
NHS Letter – 14 December 2020
S1-3 Attendance Certificate Letter
Free School Meals Covid-19 Update – 9 December 2020
Parental Letter – 24 November 2020
NHS Letter – 23 November 2020
NHS Letter – 22 November 2020
NHS Letter – 16 November 2020
NHS Letter – 15 November 2020
Senior Phase Assessment Timetable
Parental Letter – 13 November 2020 – Senior Phase Assessments
Additional Learning Opportunities
NHS Letter – 8 November 2020
NHS Letter – 29 October 2020
Parental Letter – 9 October 2020
Parental Letter – 7 October 2020
School Week – Odd Week
School Week – Even Week
GradU8 College 2020-21 Update
SLC Risk Assessment – Instrumental Music Service
Parental Letter – 4 September 2020
Parental Letter – 1 September 2020 (school gates)
Parental Letter – 1 September 2020 (INSET Days)
Parental Letter – 28 August 2020
When to wear a face covering poster
Using a face covering poster
GradU8 College, Foundation Apprenticeship and Aspire update
LHS Risk Assessment
SLC Safe System of Work
Parent Email Address Update Form
SLC Q&A document
SLC School Transport Guidance
Parental Letter – 7 August 2020
School Week – August 2020
Parental Letter – 5 August 2020
Parental Letter – 3 August 2020
SQA Key Dates August 2020
Lesmahagow High School Post-Certification Review Service policy 2020

Session 2019-20 Letters/Documents

Key Updates, Resources and Information (From March 2020)

End of Term update 2020
Parental Letter – August 2020
S6 Parent, Carer and Pupil Letter
Uniform Update
School Update
S3 Parental Letter Options and Masterclasses
Learning at home 17th April 2020
SQA Update – 20th April 2020
SQA Update – April 2020
Supporting Children, Young People and Families
Family Leaflet
Resources for Pupils with Additional Support Needs
Working at Home Information – Monday 30th March
P7 Transition Letter
Pupil Support and Support for Learning Update
Methods of Communication
South Lanarkshire Update (parents/carers) – 20th March 2020
South Lanarkshire Update (senior pupils) – 20th March 2020
School Update – 20th March 2020
School Update
Classwork for pupils in S1-S6 can be found in the attached documents. Google Classroom codes have been emailed to parents. Usernames and passwords for Glow, Show My Homework and Scholar (Senior Phase only) are available from the school office/teachers. Paper copies are available from the school office.
Senior Phase – SQA Update – March 2020


Other Information:

University of Glasgow – Scholarships and Travel Bursaries
S1 to P7 Letter Request
Superbuddy Opportunity – FAO Current S5 Students
Top-Up Campus visit – Letter for Parents 
S6 Options 2020
S5 Options 2020
S6 Course Choice Form 2020-21
S5 Course Choice Form 2020-21
S6 Parental Letter Course Choice 2020-21
S5 Parental Letter Course Choice 2020-21
School Prom 2020
Option Dates S2/ 4 /5 2020
S2 – S3 January Letter  2020
S2 -S3 Option Form
S2-S3 options 2020
ParentPay Information Sheet
Parents’ Evening Seating Plan
S2 Parents’ Evening – Jan 2020
Additional Learning Opportunities – Jan Update
Additional Learning Opportunities – Jan Update (Parental Letter)
Attendance S1 – S3
S4 Course Choice Form 2020
S4 Course Choice Letter 2020
Curriculum Consultation Letter – Dec 2019
National Entitlement Card Info
Parental Communication
Quiz Night flyer
Senior Phase Assessments – Timetable
Senior Phase Assessments – Parental Letter
Senior Phase Parents’ Evening Information
Senior Phase Report Date – September 2019
Additional Learning Opportunities
Parental Letter – Scholar
Clubs + Activities 2019-20
Support for Learning – S1 Parent Open Event
Photograph Permission
Show My Homework
School Photos – S1, S3, S5 and S6
School Photos – S2
Promoting Positive Behaviour Poster
School Improvement Priorities – Session 19-20
Parent Council AGM – 2nd September 2019
Parents of pupils in receipt of FSM
Presentation – 15 August 2019
LHS School App Info
SQA Key Dates August 2019
Lesmahagow High School Post Results Service policy 2019
Parental Letter – PSE Curriculum – August 2019

Session 2018-19 Letters/Documents

Parental Letter – Uniform Letter – June 2019
Uniform Leaflet – June 2019
Parental Consultation – School Priorities 2019-20
Catering Service Survey Link
P7 Transition Day Information
Parental Survey Letter
Foundation Apprenticeships
SQA Letter – 17 April 2019
S4-6 Presentation to pupils – 27 March 2019
SQA:  My SQA Leaflet 2019
SQA:  Your Exams Guidance
SQA Letter to Parents Update
Letter to P7 Parents/Carers
Curriculum + School Day Letter
Additional Learning Opportunities
Curriculum Consultation Decisions & Feedback Summary
S5 Option Presentation for Parents
S6 Option Presentation for Parents
National 5 Mathematics Revision Booklet
National 5 Exam Revision
Modern Apprentice Quantity Surveyor
Craft Modern Apprenticeship Programme
Mechanical Electrical Engineering
Clyde Marine Training
Raising Attainment Evening
Lesmahagow Development Trust  Young Achievers Grant
Parental Letter – 14 February 2019
S6 Options Form 2019/20
S5 Options Form 2019/20
S6 Options 2019/20
S5 Options 2019/20
Raising Attainment letter
Youth Employability Brochure
S2 Parents’ Meeting Letter
Curriculum Consultation Letter
Careers Fair Flyer
Senior Phase Options Presentation
S4 Course Choice form 2019
School Holidays – 2019/20
School Holidays – 2020/21
Christmas Fair poster
PSE Curriculum
Hallowe’en Disco
Parent Council flyer
Christmas Fair
SQA Your Coursework 2018-19
LHS Scholar Letter for parents
GoFresh School Meal Menus from 29 October 2018
SLC Standards & Quality Report 2017-18
Additional Learning Opportunities 2018-19
Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs 2018-19
December 2018 Assessment Letter for Parents
Promoting Positive Behaviour Poster
Religious Observances 2018-19
School Improvement Priorities 2018-19
Parents of pupils in receipt of FSM
Reporting Timetable 2018-19
School Photos – S1, S3, S5 and S6
School Photos – S2
S5/6 Learner Agreement
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Privacy Notice
LHS School App Info
Parent Council AGM – 3rd September 2018
SQA Key Dates August 2018
Lesmahagow High School Post Results Service policy 2018

Session 2017-18 Letters/Documents

Parental Letter – 26 June 2018
School App Information
Free School Meals and Clothing Grants 2018-19
Parental Consultation – School Improvement Priorities
Parental Letter – Uniform Letter – June 2018
Parental Consultation – School Vision and Values
1L2 Changes – Milton
1L2 Changes – Logan
1L2 Changes – Kerse
1L2 Changes
1L2 Changes – 1L1
Excursion Policy Cover 2018
School App Launch April 2018
SQA Update
SQA Letter to parents
SQA Exam Timetable 2018
S6 Course Choice Form 2018-19
Senior Phase Options LHS 2018 new S6 parent
S5 Course Choice Form 2018-19
Senior Phase Options LHS 2018 new S5 parent
Additional Learning Opportunities February
Support for Learning/Pupil Support Staffing

Parents’ Information Evening – S5/6 Options

Uniform Letter – January 2018
S1 Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) Workshop Letter
School Handbook 2018
S2 Parents Evening Letter
Attendance Certificate Letter – January 2018
January Assessment Parental Letter (update 19 Jan 2018)
Updated exam timetable
S4 Options Presentation – 2018-19
S4 Option Form – 2018-19
S3 Parents Evening Letter 
P7 Transition Calendar
Letter to Coalburn Bus
January Assessment Parental Letter Updated
Additional Learning Opportunities
Senior Phase Parents Evening Letter
S6 Assembly Presentation – 2 November 2017
S5 Assembly Presentation – 1 November 2017
S4 Assembly Presentation – 31 October 2017
Study Guide for Pupils
Careers Event
Christmas Fair 2017
NEW Winter School Lunch Menus
School Lunch Menus
P7/S1 Open Afternoon – P7 Invite
P7/S1 Open Afternoon – S1 Invite
Letter seeking Parental Email Addresses (Sept 17)
Calendar 2017-18
Parent Pay Leaflet
School Photos – Notice
School Photos
School Photos – S2
Parent Council AGM Invite
Parental Letter (with photo) – 17 August 2017
SQA Key Dates – Summer 2017
LHS Post-results Service:  Policy and procedures