Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is an extremely important element of our lives and the promotion of this is embedded within our ethos and school curriculum.

Below are agencies and organisations which focus on developing and maintaining positive HWB of our young people. Please make contact with these groups or visit their website, if you require support.


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Treat Me Well Form

Please complete the form below if you need to share information with the school or would like a member of staff to contact you. This is for pupils who are needing some advice, feel they are being bullied or any other similar reason.

Treat Me Well Form

Health and Wellbeing Form

Below is our Lesmahagow High School HWB Form. During this period of lockdown and when we return to school, you can use this form to share any concerns or worries you might have. These might be in relation to being stressed, anxious, feeling low, or you may be concerned about someone else.

We know that for some it is not always easy to talk about how you are feeling or you are not able to speak with someone when you need to. This form gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts whenever you like.

HWB Form


Additional Resources

Understanding your Child’s Feelings – The Solihull Approach (NHS)

BEST Student Workbook – for exam stress