P7 Transition

At Lesmahagow High School we understand the importance of primary transition programmes in preparing young people for life at secondary school. This year, although in a slightly different format, we will continue to support this process and to do all that we can to make sure primary 7 pupils feel as confident as possible about the move into S1.

Each Monday we will release through the LHS school website a phase of our “Shining a spotlight on…”, please watch this space as we will also be launching other innovative approaches to engaging and supporting P7 pupils along the way.

We hope that you are all well and managing to make the most of this beautiful sunshine!

LHS Team

Mr Robertson – gw10robertsondavid8@glow.sch.uk

Mrs Docherty – gw19dochertypamela@glow.sch.uk

Shining a Spotlight on….

We recommend you download each file to your device using the downward arrow in the top right of the screen. This will allow the powerpoint to open quicker and videos to play better.

Week 1 – Shining a Spotlight on SMT, Pupil Support and Support for Learning

Week 2 – Shining a Spotlight on The People who Really Run the School 

Week 3 – Shining a Spotlight on Art, Music and Drama

Week 4 – Shining a Spotlight on the Technologies Faculty

Week 5 – Shining a Spotlight on the Languages Faculty

Week 6 – Shining a Spotlight on the Humanities Faculty

Week 6 – Addition information on Humanities Faculty

Week 7 – Shining a Spotlight on the Health and Wellbeing Faculty

Week 8 – Shining a Spotlight on the Mathematics Department

Week 9 – Shining a Spotlight on the Science Faculty (part 1)

Week 9 – Shining a Spotlight on the Science Faculty (part 2)

Week 9 – Shining a Spotlight on the Science Faculty (part 3)

Shining a Spotlight on our school – Lesmahagow High School Virtual Tour

Resources, Information and Materials

S1 Welcome Letter August 2020

LHS P7 Transition Question / Concern Form

P7 Transition Booklet

P7 Uniform Letter

Uniform Update – adapted from school letter wb 8th June

Lesmahagow High School Transition 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Activities and Tasks


Why not have look at the work S1 pupils complete for the different subjects within our Technologies Faculty? If you are able to, why not give them a go?

Technical Department Website



Our History department have created a Google Classroom with specific P7 tasks. Please click on the link below and enter the code which has been shared with your primary schools. If you do not have it, please contact Mr Robertson or Mrs Docherty for the code.

Google Classrooms



Our Maths department have created a fantastic website which we encourage you all to visit. Here you will find lots of information on the different topics you will learn. You will also have the opportunity to try maths tasks to help you prepare for S1.

Maths Website

Below is a link to tutorial videos by our fantastic maths department. Why not have a look at the different topics and ways you will learn?

Maths Tutorial Videos



Our wonderful Humanities faculty have put together a fantastic resource for our new S1 pupils. This PowerPoint will take you through tasks from the different subjects that make up this faculty; History; Geography; Modern Studies and Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS). All subject tasks link to the main task which is creating a Time Capsule which we hope to bury in the school grounds to be opened in the future! 

Why not get involved in this wonderful opportunity?

Time Capsule Task



Our English department have created an excellent transition task called ‘Book of Books’. To help with your task they have included a ‘how to complete guide’.

We look forward to hearing about your favourite books!

Book of Books Task

Book of Books – How to complete guide




Our Languages department have put together a French task. Have a go and see what phrases you recognise!

French Task


Home Economics

Our fantastic HE department have shared their S1 Recipe booklet. This contains the various recipes which pupils get the opportunity to make. Why not have a look and try some?

S1 Recipe Booklet