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School Office – 01555 896010

All enquiries should be directed to the school office in the first instance and the relevant Pupil Support Teacher will be in contact.

Senior Leadership Team
Miss Barbara Lee (Head Teacher) –
Mr Alastair Gray (Depute Head Teacher) –
Mr David Robertson (Depute Head Teacher) –
Mrs Lesley-Anne Cimmino (Depute Head Teacher) –

Mrs Pamela Docherty (Depute Head Teacher – Inclusion) –

Pupil Support Team
Mr Jim Mallaghan (PT Pupil Support – Kerse House) –
Mrs Linda Wright (PT Pupil Support – Logan House) –
Miss Anna Fletcher (Acting PT Pupil Support – Milton House) –

Support for Learning Team
Mrs Hazel Laird (PT Support for Learning) –

Mrs Morag Storry (PT Support for Learning) –

Faculty Heads
Miss Louise Parsons (PT – English + Modern Languages) –
Mrs Aileen Mullen (PT – Mathematics) –
Mrs Gemma Smith ( Acting PT – Humanities) –
Dr Irene Nicol (PT – Science) –
Mr Neil Ross (PT – Health & Wellbeing) –
Mrs Rhona Ritchie (Acting PT – Expressive Arts) –
Mr Marc Campbell (PT – Technology & Digital Literacy) –

Miss Iasha Iqbal (Acting PT DYW) –

Mrs Vicky McGregor (Lead Teacher of Equity & Inclusion) –

Miss Sophie Leckenby (Lead Teacher of Equity & Inclusion) –