Chemistry Student Resources S4

National 5 Past Papers are available on the SQA site at : Please copy and paste the link into your browser to access the SQA page.

Topic Study Questions and Notes Summary Sheets 
Rates of Reaction Past Paper Questions Chemical Changes and Structure Reaction Rate Summary File
Structure and Bonding Formulae and Equations Summary
Bonding Summary File
Acids and Bases Past Paper Questions Chemical Changes and Structure_AnsNATIONAL 3 unit 2 notes (courtesy of Evans2ChemWeb)Nat4Revision_Unit2_Fuels_Ans Acids and Bases Summary File
Fuels and Climate Chemistry Fuels Summary File
Homologous Series Summary File
 Kitchen Cupboard Chemistry  Nat4Revision_Unit2_Part2_Ans Kitchen Chemistry Summary File
Crop Chemistry  See Secure Pages Fertilisers Summary File
Chemical Analysis Summary File
Materials, Metals and Alloys  See Secure Pages Metals Summary File
Plastics Summary File
Nuclear Chemistry  See Secure Pages Nuclear Chemistry Summary File
Whole course resources NAT 5 PPQ list HODDER GIBSON booknutshells_revision_N5_chemistry (1)ChemistrySQPN5PPGuidanceNational_5_Chemistry_open_ended_Qs_Wide


Further notes and practice questions are accessible on the chemistry resources (secure) page – see your teacher for a login.