Bulletin 30



1-3.04.19 Spring break study school  


25.04.19 SQA Exams Start  
30.04.19 Inspiring Lesmahagow Wiston Lodge leaves  
31.04.19 Inspiring Lesmahagow Wiston Lodge Returns  
26.04.19 Coco movie morning  
W/C 29.04.19 Fiesta Week  

P        Senior Phase assemblies

S4, S5 and S6 students were given copies of their SQA transcript, SQA exam timetable, a letter about study leave arrangements, a booklet from SQA (My SQA) and a leaflet about signing up to receive exam results by text message at assembly this week.  If any student missed the assembly and still needs to collect their transcript/exam timetable/booklets, please see Miss Lee or ask at the school office.

          B Lee

P          Spring Break holidays

School closes at 1.10 pm on 29th March and reopens on Monday 15th April at 8.45 am.  We hope everyone has a lovely holiday.  Keep safe!

B Lee

P          Easter Holiday Weekend

School will close at 3.30 pm on Thursday, 18th April 2019 and reopens at 8.45 am on   Tuesday, 23rd April 2019. 

B Lee

P          Spring Break Study School – 1st-3rd April 2019

We are delighted that so many S4/5/6 students have signed up to attend our Spring  Break Study school on Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd April 2019.  A wide range of revision classes are available, or you can choose to attend supervised study in the library.  School uniform is not required, although you must follow the normal rules for non-uniform days, e.g. no football colours.  The school canteen won’t be open, so please bring a snack for morning interval and a packed lunch if you are staying in           school all day. 

If you have still to sign up for Spring Break study school, you can do so at the following link: https://tinyurl.com/y6qtc3yk 

 We encourage all students to attend as many of these revision or study sessions as   possible and look forward to seeing you all next week.

B Lee

P        SQA Exams 2019

The SQA exams begin on Thursday, 25th April 2019 and run until Friday, 31st May 2019.  During this time, S4-S6 students must attend on days when they have exams.  Students should who don’t have timetabled exams and are returning to school for S5/6 must attend masterclasses in the subjects they have chosen to study next session.  A  programme of masterclasses and revision classes will be published after the spring break.  All students must complete any unfinished coursework as soon as possible.

B Lee

P          S6 Graduation

Invitations for our S6 Graduation, which will take place on Thursday, 30th May, were  issued at this week’s assembly. We look forward to welcoming all S6 students and their invited guests to this event.  Thank you to everyone who has been involved in planning and organising the event. 

B Lee

P          Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Ceremony 2019

The Clydesdale and East Kilbride Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Ceremony takes place on Tuesday, 16th April, from 8 pm – 9 pm in Hamilton Townhouse.  Congratulations to our S5 students who completed their Bronze awards in the autumn and will receive these at the ceremony and good luck to those who are involved in presenting the event! Please          meet at the school at 5.30 pm.

B Lee

P        Vacancies

Arnold Clark are currently recruiting apprentices – please see the following link for information: https://apprenticeships.gtg.co.uk/


P        Army Careers information

We have received information about work experience opportunities with the British  Army.  If you would be interested in finding out more about work experience with the army or any other organisation, please speak to your Pupil Support teacher, Mr Gray or  Miss Lee.  If you would be interested in finding out more about army careers, an open day takes place on 11th May 2019 at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate.  Travel   will be organised for individuals aged 16-17.5 and their families if they would be interested in attending, departing from Glasgow at approximately 6.15 am on the day. For more information, please contact the Army Careers Office in Glasgow.

B Lee

P          Shine – Footloose!

Well done to all current and former LHS students who are involved in Shine’s latest show, Footloose, which opened on Tuesday evening in Motherwell Concert Hall and runs until Saturday 30th March.  Another brilliant show!  We look forward to seeing your next shows, ‘The Addams Family’ in September and ‘Joseph’ in January.  

B Lee

P          Additional Learning Opportunities

A list of the many additional learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities can be found on the school website.  We encourage all students to take part in these activities.

B Lee

P          Fiesta Week and CoCo movie morning

Fiesta week will start on Monday the 29th of April for S1 and S2 pupils. Fiesta Week will be   based on the movie CoCo. CoCo celebrates the Day of the Dead festival which takes place in Mexico annually. You will be undertaking activities related to the movie and its themes in some of your lessons. The school canteen are having a themed day of Mexican food during Fiesta week as well. To help prepare for Fiesta week S2 are getting the chance to watch CoCo on Friday the 26th of April during periods 1-3. You should go to your period 1 class as normal and your teacher will bring your class to watch the movie.

B Lee

P          Printing

Please remember that students can request to print an essay/assignment in B208.

B Lee

P          Blazer Exchange

We would love to receive donations of any unwanted items of school uniform, particularly school blazers, so that we can provide a ‘blazer exchange’. When we have sufficient stock, we hope to offer students the opportunity to exchange their blazer for a new size.  If we don’t have your size available, a token would be given meantime.  Please note: It would be helpful if blazers were washed before they are donated so that we can arrange the exchange quickly.

B Lee

P          EMA – S5/6

EMA application forms can be collected from the School Office or downloaded from the South Lanarkshire Council website. On the Council website, click on ‘Education and Learning’, then ‘Secondary School Information’, then ‘Education Maintenance Allowance’.  If you need any help with this, please see Mr Gray or your Pupil Support Teacher.

It is your responsibility to complete and send the application form.

When you receive an award letter with your EMA number on it, bring this to Miss Lee who will then issue a copy of the Learning Agreement to be signed by your teachers and Parent/Guardian.  You should then return the completed Learning Agreement to Miss Lee and the school office will then process your EMA. 

Only when you have completed all of the above will the payment process begin.  Please see Mr Gray if you have any questions about EMA.

A Gray

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