School Bulletin No 35


21.05.19 S1 Science Centre Visit Science Dept
22.05.19 S1 Parents’ Evening  
23.05.19 S1 Merit Event – Summer Games (AM)  
23.05.19 S3 Merit Trip – Blackpool  


27.05.19 Krakow Trip  
30.05.19 S6 Graduation  
31.05.19 SQA Exams End  
31.05.19 S6 Prom  

P          SQA Exams – Good luck to S4-S6 students!

Good luck to all S4-S6 students who are sitting exams this month.  We are now half-way through the exam diet.  Next week’s exams are: Graphics, Computing, Drama and Art.  Please note: The Art exam takes place on a Bank Holiday – Friday, 24th May.  Please remember that school uniform must be worn at all times when you are in school. 

B Lee

P          SQA Exams – Movement around the building

SQA exams are now underway. Most exams will take place in the Dance Studio. Only students with exams will be permitted in this corridor during the exam period.  Students who are moving to and from Maths, Drama or Science should use the middle stairs during the exam period.  Occasionally, exams will take place in other areas of the school.  Please ensure that you are quiet when walking near areas where exams are taking place so that students can concentrate on their work.

B Lee

P          Krakow Trip

All pupils going on the Krakow trip must attend a short meeting in Mrs Fair’s room at the start of lunch on Monday.

B Lee

P          S1 Parents’ Evening

We look forward to welcoming parents and carers to our S1 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday, 22nd May, from 4.30-7.00 pm.  Please contact the School Office if you have any questions regarding your appointments, which could be booked through the Parents’ Evening Booking System. 

B Lee

P          S1 Summer Games

Well done to all S1 pupils who have earned at least 25 merits between 25.3.19 and 17.5.19 and have been invited to take part in the S1 Summer Games event at the Glebe on Thursday, 23rd May, periods 1-5 (weather permitting). We hope you enjoy the activities.

B Lee

P          S3 Blackpool Trip

Well done to all students who were awarded at least 75 merits and have the chance to go to Blackpool on Thursday, 23rd May 2019.  All consent forms should have been returned. We hope you enjoy your day.

B Lee

P          Additional Learning Opportunities

A list of the many additional learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities can be found on the school website.  We encourage all students to take part in these activities.

B Lee

P          Careers Information – Police Scotland

Police Scotland are holding a recruitment drive this year. Students who are interested in finding out about careers with the Police Force are invited to attend an information session on 29th May (9.30 – 12.30pm) at their East Kilbride training centre.  Spaces can be booked through Eventbrite at this link:

B Lee

P          S6 Graduation

Our S6 Graduation will take place on Thursday, 30th May, from 9.30 am – 11 am in the Games Hall.  S6 students can invite two guests to the event.  Guests are invited to arrive from 9.15 am. Thank you to the team who have organised the event. 

B Lee

P          New S5/6 Induction

All S4 and S5 students who are returning to school for S5/6 return after exams on Friday, 31st May, when new timetables will be issued and a range of activities will take place to help you to prepare for S5 and S6.

B Lee

P          New Timetable

The new timetable will begin on Monday, 3rd June. 

B Lee

P          Printing

Please remember that students can request to print an essay/assignment in B208.

B Lee

P          Blazer Exchange

We would love to receive donations of any unwanted items of school uniform, particularly school blazers, so that we can provide a ‘blazer exchange’. When we have sufficient stock, we hope to offer students the opportunity to exchange their blazer for a new size.  If we don’t have your size available, a token would be given meantime.  Please note: It would be helpful if blazers were washed before they are donated so that we can arrange the exchange quickly.

B Lee

P          EMA – S5/6

EMA application forms can be collected from the School Office or downloaded from the South Lanarkshire Council website. On the Council website, click on ‘Education and Learning’, then ‘Secondary School Information’, then ‘Education Maintenance Allowance’.  If you need any help with this, please see Mr Gray or your Pupil Support Teacher.

It is your responsibility to complete and send the application form.

When you receive an award letter with your EMA number on it, bring this to Miss Lee who will then issue a copy of the Learning Agreement to be signed by your teachers and Parent/Guardian.  You should then return the completed Learning Agreement to Miss Lee and the school office will then process your EMA. 

Only when you have completed all of the above will the payment process begin.  Please see Mr Gray if you have any questions about EMA.

A Gray

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