Bulletin No 21

P          Lost Property

Please speak to Joan or Lynn if you have lost any items of clothing or shoes over the past few months.  A number of items have been handed in recently.  Any items remaining unclaimed by Friday, 16th February will be recycled.

B Lee

P          University of Edinburgh Summer School

If you are currently in S5 and are thinking about applying to University, you may wish to consider applying to join the Sutton Trust Summer School, which allows you to study two subjects for a week (1st – 6th July 2018) at the University of Edinburgh.   Application deadline: Thursday 8th March.  For further information, please see Miss Lee, or look at the following link: www.summerschools.suttontrust.com

B Lee

P          Scholar for Senior Phase students

There are lots of great resources available on ‘Scholar’ for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English, Computing and French, which will help with revision for National, Higher and Advanced Higher courses.  If you are unsure of your username and password, please see your teacher or Miss Lee.

B Lee

P          Immunisations

Immunisations will be taking place for all S1 and S2 pupils on Monday 5th February. Please attend the library at the correct times (reminders will be on the door to the street):


  • 1K          15
  • 1L1         10.30
  • 1L2         10.45
  • 1M         00
  • 2K1         11.30
  • 2K2         11.45
  • 2L           12.00
  • 2M         15


Please register with your class teacher before going to the library.

A Gray

P          Duke of Edinburgh – S4 pupils


In preparation for expedition we need to run a few training sessions. These will need to be on a Friday afternoon as I can’t have you missing valuable time in certificate subjects. The first session will be on the 9th of February starting at 1.30pm and will run for an hour. It is important that you do your best to attend these sessions as failure to do so will result in you not attending the expedition with the school. This is because you won’t have the proper health & safety training.

S Young


P          EMA – S5/6

EMA application forms can be collected from Miss Lee or downloaded from the South Lanarkshire Council website. On the Council website, click on ‘Education and Learning’, then ‘Secondary School Information’, then ‘Education Maintenance Allowance’.  If you need any help with this, please see Miss Lee.

It is your responsibility to complete and send the application form.

When you receive an award letter with your EMA number on it, bring this to Miss Lee who will then issue a copy of the Learning Agreement to be signed by your teachers and Parent/Guardian.  You should then return the completed Learning Agreement to Miss Lee and the school office will then process your EMA.

Only when you have completed all of the above will the payment process begin.  Please see Miss Lee if you have any questions about EMA.

            B Lee



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