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20th Aug 2018 School Captain Elections B Lee

 Pupil Notice  

P          Bulletin – 17th August 2018

            Welcome back!

Welcome back to school! A special welcome to our new S1 students and to all students who have joined us over the summer.  We hope that you have had a lovely summer and are looking forward to the year ahead.

B Lee

P          SQA Exam Certificates/ Post Results Service – S5/6 students

Last year’s S4-S6 students received their SQA exam certificates on Tuesday, 7th August.  Well done to everyone who received the results they were hoping for.  If you didn’t receive the grades you were hoping for, please speak to your Pupil Support teacher or class teachers for advice. If you didn’t receive your certificate, please see Miss Lee as soon as possible.

B Lee

P          SQA Post Results Service – S5/6 students

The SQA deadline for the Post Results Service is Tuesday, 28th August 2018.  Please see Miss Lee if you have any questions about the Post Results Service.

B Lee

P          Plan B Event for students interested in a career in Medicine

A ‘Plan B’ careers event has been organised at the Medical Education Training Centre, Kirklands Hospital, Fallside Road, Bothwell, G71 8BB, on the 22nd August, from 2.30 pm to 5.00pm.  This event is for pupils who didn’t quite get the grades that they needed to be accepted to study medicine.  Allied Health Professionals will be at the event to discuss the different options available and enable the pupils to get an insight into the varied professions.  Please let Miss Lee know if you are interested in attending.

B Lee

P          Option Changes

Please see Mr Parry by Friday, 24th August, if you need to make changes to your timetable.  Mr Parry will display the times that he is available on the door of his office each day.  If you would like to discuss your options or level of study, please speak to your Pupil Support teacher or your class teachers.

B Lee

P          School Captains and Vice Captains – S6 students

Speeches for School Captains and Vice Captains will take place on Monday, 20th August, during periods 4 and 5.  Those who have been nominated should meet in the Street area at 11.30 am. All S6 students should then come to the Street area at 11.45 am.  Following consultation with all pupils and the Pupil Council, votes will be gathered for a girl and boy Captain and Vice Captain.  Captains and Vice Captains will be announced on Wednesday, 22nd     August.  House Captains and House Vice Captains will then be elected.  Prefects will also be appointed as part of the Pupil Leadership team.  Thank you to all pupils who have put themselves forward for these roles.

B Lee.

P          Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Qualifying Expedition for Bronze Group

We are working with Ainsley from DofE Scotland to arrange your qualifying expedition and hope that this will take place in September or October.

B Lee

P          Movement around the school

Please remember to keep to the left hand side of corridors and stairs when moving round the  school.

B Lee

P          Photocopying Room

The photocopiers/printers in the photocopying room can now only be used by staff.  There is a  sign on the door of the photocopying room reminding students that only staff have access to the room. If you need to print an essay or assignment, please speak to a teacher in the IT Department or your class teacher.

B Lee

P          School Lockers

School lockers will be available from Wednesday of next week.  Please let Miss Lee know at interval or lunchtime if you would like a locker on Wednesday, 22nd August.

B Lee

P          Blazer Exchange

We would love to receive donations of any unwanted items of school uniform, particularly school blazers, so that we can provide a ‘blazer exchange’. When we have sufficient stock, we hope to offer students the opportunity to exchange their blazer for a new size.  If we don’t have your size available, a token would be given meantime.  Please note: It would be helpful if blazers were washed before they are donated so that we can arrange the exchange quickly.

B Lee

 P           EMA – S5/6

EMA application forms can be collected from the School Office or downloaded from the South Lanarkshire Council website. On the Council website, click on ‘Education and Learning’, then ‘Secondary School Information’, then ‘Education Maintenance Allowance’.  If you need any help with this, please see Mr Gray or your Pupil Support Teacher.

It is your responsibility to complete and send the application form.

When you receive an award letter with your EMA number on it, bring this to Miss Lee who will then issue a copy of the Learning Agreement to be signed by your teachers and Parent/Guardian.  You should then return the completed Learning Agreement to Miss Lee and the school office will then process your EMA.

Only when you have completed all of the above will the payment process begin.  Please see Mr Gray if you have any questions about EMA.

B Lee





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