Chemistry Student Resources S5/6

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What’s in the Higher
Unit: Topic Powerpoint Study Questions  Notes Booklet
Unit1: Controlling the Rate Controlling Rate Rates of Reaction Controlling the Rate_Notes
Rates of Reaction (Answers)
Unit1: Trends in the Periodic Table Trends in the Periodic Table Ionisation Energy M.Ch Trends in the Periodic Table_Notes
Ionisation Energy M.Ch_Answers
Periodic Table Revision
Periodic Table Revision_Answers
Unit1: Bonding and Structure Bonding and Structure Intermolecular Forces StructureandBonding_Notes
Intermolecular Forces (Answers)
Ionic_Covalent Bonding M.Ch
Ionic_Covalent Bonding MC_Answers
Bonding in Elements_MC
Bonding in Elements_Answers
 Unit 2 : Oxidation of Food Oxidation of Food Aldehydes and Ketones

Aldehydes and Ketones – Answers

Oxidation of Food Pupil Notes
 Unit 2 : Chemistry of Cooking Chemistry of Cooking Chemistry of Cooking Pupil Notes
 Unit 2 : Esters, Fats and Oils Esters, fats and oils Ester, Fats and Oils Esters Fats and Oils – Answers Esters, Fats and Oils Pupil Notes
 Unit 2 : Proteins Proteins Proteins Proteins – Answer Proteins Pupil Notes
 Unit 2 : Soaps, Detergents and Emulsions Soaps, Detergents and Emulsions Soaps Soaps Answers Soaps,Detergents and Emulsions Pupil Notes
 Unit 2 : Fragrances and Skincare Fragrances and Skin Care Fragrances and Skin Care Pupil Notes
 Unit 3: Getting the most from reactants  ChemistryCalculations  Industry and Mole Calculations  Unit3_Notes
Unit 3: Equilibrium, Hess and Enthalpy  Equilibrium&Hess  Equilibrium and Chemical Energy
Unit 3 : Redox and Chemical Analysis  Redoxetc  Redox and chemical Analysis

The resources above represent the content of the new CfE Higher course, valid from August 2014.

Cfe Advanced Higher Chemistry Resources

What’s in the ADV Higher

 Unit: Topic Powerpoint  Study Questions  Notes Booklet
 Unit 1a – Inorganic  ElectromagneticRadiation_Atomic  AH Tutorial Booklet Unit 1AH Unit 1- Physical Tutorial Workbook

AH Tutorial Booklet Unit 1 Answers_edited

AH Unit 1- Physical Tutorial Workbook_Ans

 AtomicOrbitals_PeriodicTable  AtomicOrbitals_PeriodicTable
 ShapesofMolecules  ShapesofMolecules
 TransitionMetals  TransitionMetals
Unit 1b – Physical ChemicalEquilibrium ChemicalEquilibrium


Kinetics Kinetics
Unit 2 – Organic Molecular Orbitals  Unit2HW Molecular Orbitals and Molecular Structure
Alkanes, Alkenes and Halogenoalkanes Alkanes, Alkenes and Halogenoalkanes
 Alcohols, Ethers and Aromatics  Alcohols, Ethers and Aromatics
Structural Organic Chemistry and Medicines Structural Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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