Parents’ Newsletter – April

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you and your family had a good Spring break. This newsletter contains dates and information that will be important to you and your family so please take note.

Please find attached a letter from South Lanarkshire Council regarding the removal of school crossing patrollers.

If you have a child in S1, you should also receive a leaflet issued by Parentzone Scotland and Education Scotland.

School Lunches – Price Increase

The price of a school lunch has been increased to £1.60 and takes effect from 25th April.

S4/5/and6 Exams – Important Information

Pupils in S4, 5 and 6 begin their national exams on Wednesday, 4th May. Teaching finishes on Friday, 29th April and pupils are welcome to study in school on Tuesday, 3rd May and throughout the exam period. Every pupil has an individual timetable and Ms Lee has ensured that all pupils know the rules and regulations surrounding exams. Pupils must wear school uniform whenever they are in school. S4 pupils who have no official exams will have a copy of the Masterclass timetable which offers pupils opportunities to attend school on a regular basis and prepare for next session.

Some exams land on the In-service day, public holidays or Fridays afternoons and usually SPT arrange for extra transport to get pupils home. However, we have been informed that SPT are having difficulty organising this and we are concerned that some pupils may have to travel by public transport – that is those pupils who have exams on Friday afternoons, the In-service day on Thursday, 5th May, and on the later May holiday, Friday, 27th May. If transport cannot be arranged, we shall issue pupils with bus passes to help them get home.

Finally, I wish pupils and parents the best of luck throughout these exams. If there is anything the school can do to help, please let us know. We know that this time can be just as stressful for parents as it is for pupils!

Holiday Weekend and In-service Day

Monday, 2nd May, is the May Bank Holiday and school is closed that day. Teachers then have an In-service day on Thursday, 5th May which is also the day of the General Election so pupils will not attend that day unless they have an exam.

S1 Reports and Parents’ Evening

S1 pupils will receive their full reports on Tuesday, 17th May. The Parents’ Evening is on 24th May from 4.30 until 6.30.

Improvement Plan

At this time of year, we begin to review our progress and plan for future improvements. If you have any comments, thoughts or ideas that would help us in this process, please contact me via phone, letter or email. Your comments and input are invaluable.

Dates for your Diary


  • The last teaching day in school for senior pupils is Friday 29th April
  • Holiday Monday, 2nd May
  • In-service Day Thursday, 5th  May – there are exams this day
  • S2 trip to Auchengillan  Monday 16th to Tuesday 17th May
  • S1 Parents’ Evening  Tuesday 24th May 4.30 -6.30
  • Holiday Weekend: Friday 27th May There are exams this day Holiday Monday 30th May There are no exams for us

I shall write my final letter as Head Teacher to you before the end of term. This will include information about the new Head Teacher who should be appointed by then.

Yours sincerely,


Margaret Ross,

Head Teacher

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