Bulletin No 8


8th Oct 2018 Biology Week B Lee
9th Oct 2018 S3 Merit Event – Cinema Morning (P1-P3) B Lee
11th Oct 2018 S2 Tomorrow Engineers Workshops (P1-P6) B Lee
12th Oct 2018 S1-S3 Cross Country Championships B Lee



22nd Oct 2018 Senior Interhouse PE Event (P4-5) B Lee
23rd Oct 2018 S1-3 Widening Participation Workshops B Lee
24th Oct 2018 S2 Merit Workshops (P1-3) B Lee
30th Oct 2018 Senior Phase Parents’ Evening 1  (7-9pm) B Lee
1st Nov 2018 S1 Merit Workshops B Lee
5th Nov 2018 S2 Interhouse PE Event B Lee
7th Nov 2018 Senior Phase Parents Evening 2 (4.30-6.30pm) B Lee


P          S1 visit to Amazonia, Strathclyde Park

All S1 students who are interested in participating in the visit to Amazonia, Strathclyde Park, on Tuesday, 23rd October, should return the reply slip to their Geography teacher by Monday, 8th October.  Permission slips will then be issued.

B Lee

P         School Photographs

If you wish to purchase your school photograph please return the order to school by Wednesday 10th October 2018.  A letter has been issued with the details required to view the S1 and S6 group pictures online.

A Gray

P         October Break Holiday

School finishes on Friday, 12th October 2018, at 1.10 pm for the October break. Classes resume on Monday, 22nd October, at 8.45 am.  We hope that you enjoy the October break.

B Lee

P         Senior Phase Assessments – 3rd – 14th December 2018

The Senior Phase Assessment calendar can be downloaded from the school website at the following address: https://bit.ly/2OE3F4O  Paper copies were issued at assembly on 27th September – spare copies can be collected from the school office.  Please confirm the times of Practical exams with your class teachers.  If you have any questions about the exam timetable, please speak to Miss Lee.

B Lee

P         Your Coursework – Senior Phase Assessments

A copy of the SQA ‘Your Coursework’ booklet was issued to S4-S6 students at assembly on 27th September.  This booklet gives important advice from SQA about the completion of all SQA coursework.  All students must follow this advice carefully to ensure you get the qualifications you are hoping for.  The booklet can also be viewed at: https://bit.ly/2OgiYDP

B Lee

P         Additional Learning Opportunities

A list of the many additional learning opportunities available to students was issued to Senior Phase students at assembly on 27th September and can also be found on the school website.  Paper copies can be collected from the school office.  Students should try to attend as many of these as possible.

B Lee

P         Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs

A wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs run within the school.  The full list of activities can be seen on the noticeboard in the Street Area and on the school website.  We hope you enjoy attending these clubs.

B Lee

P         Study Skills Advice

With only eight teaching weeks until the Senior Phase Assessments begin, your teachers will be giving you lots of advice on study skills and revision techniques.  For further advice, please see the following booklet, which was prepared by Mrs Forbes: https://bit.ly/2A9xNOL  or https://bit.ly/2xThVPS, which also provides advice about effective learning and how to prepare a revision timetable.

B Lee

 P         Reach and Access to a Career

Any S5 or S6 student who is interested in joining the ‘Reach’ or ‘Access to a Career’ programmes organised by Glasgow University should give their name to Miss Lee as soon as possible.  The deadline for new S6 students to enrol on the programme is 28th September 2018.  The deadline for new S5 enrolments (or S6 updates) is 20th October 2018.  S5/6 students who were involved in the programme last year will automatically be included in this year’s planning – only new registrations are required at this time, although students will be contacted by the Reach tutors and asked to update their contact information.  The Reach programme supports students who are applying for medicine, law, dentistry and veterinary medicine.  Access to a career supports young people who are applying to study teaching, accountancy and engineering.

B Lee

P         “My Brighter Future”

A Facebook page has been created by South Lanarkshire Youth Employability Education Resources to share excellent up to date information on employment, training and education opportunities for young people.  You can access the page at this link: https://www.facebook.com/mybrighterfutureslc

B Lee

P         Printing

Please remember that students can request to print an essay/assignment in B208.

B Lee

P         Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair will take place on Saturday, 24th November.  If you would like to help with the planning, organisation or on the day, please let Miss Lee know. Stalls will also be available to hire to guests for a donation of £10 to the School Fund.

B Lee

P         Blazer Exchange

We would love to receive donations of any unwanted items of school uniform, particularly school blazers, so that we can provide a ‘blazer exchange’. When we have sufficient stock, we hope to offer students the opportunity to exchange their blazer for a new size.  If we don’t have your size available, a token would be given meantime.  Please note: It would be helpful if blazers were washed before they are donated so that we can arrange the exchange quickly.

B Lee

P         EMA – S5/6

EMA application forms can be collected from the School Office or downloaded from the South Lanarkshire Council website. On the Council website, click on ‘Education and Learning’, then ‘Secondary School Information’, then ‘Education Maintenance Allowance’.  If you need any help with this, please see Mr Gray or your Pupil Support Teacher.

It is your responsibility to complete and send the application form.

When you receive an award letter with your EMA number on it, bring this to Mr Gray who will then issue a copy of the Learning Agreement to be signed by your teachers and Parent/Guardian.  You should then return the completed Learning Agreement to Mr Gray and the school office will then process your EMA.

Only when you have completed all of the above will the payment process begin.  Please see Mr Gray if you have any questions about EMA.

B Lee





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