Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies


We believe that RMPS is an essential part of secondary education. RMPS provides pupils with an opportunity to investigate and discuss challenging social and moral issues, many of which they will have to deal with at some point in their future. It also provides opportunities for pupils to learn about people with varying backgrounds and cultures, and for pupils to foster an attitude of respect and understanding towards those who are different to themselves.

By looking at various cultures and issues, RMPS helps to develop important thinking and social skills that are essential for success in today’s multicultural Britain. Through the process of discussion and research, pupils acquire the skills necessary to form justifiable opinions and attitudes. They also learn how to work with others who have different viewpoints and beliefs from themselves, and to appreciate the value in these differences. These skills are invaluable in many different areas of employment, especially when working as part of a team or with members of the public.

Current Courses

Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies forms part of the core curriculum through to the end of S4. Pupils attend RMPS once a week.

From the end of S3  pupils can pick RMPS at National 4, 5 and Higher level.