Business Education

In S1 pupils have two periods of ICT each week.  The topics that they work on are:-
•    Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
•    Word processing using Microsoft Word
•    Programming using Scratch
•    Databases using Microsoft Access
•    Animation using DOMO
•    On-line safety

In S2 pupils have one period of Administration and Business each week.  The topics that they work on are:-

  • Create spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel
  • Create and store large quantities of data using Microsoft Access
  • Create and edit business documents using Microsoft Word
  • Investigate businesses ethics in today’s society
  • Investigate the global business market
  • Research the impact of Fair Trade

In S3 pupils may choose to study Administration for three periods each week and/or Business for three periods each week.  The  topics that they work on are:-


  • Develop a deeper understanding of how spreadsheets, databases and word processing can be used to assist a business on a daily basis
  • Create a Christmas letter project with our linked Primary Schools
  • Gain an understanding of Health and Safety implications within the workplace
  • Explore aspects of customer service


  • Examine the reasons why a business exists and differentiate between different types of businesses
  • Evaluate internal and external influences on a business
  • Identify the key factors to consider when deciding on a businesses location
  • Explore the marketing functions of an organisation, including the marketing mix and market research
  • Create and examine financial documents of a business
  • Undertake an enterprise task involving creating and financing your own business venture
  • Visit a chocolate factory to learn about production methods and marketing, whilst creating chocolate treats

In S4 pupils may choose to continue studying Administration and/or Business Management.  They can achieve a National 3, National 4 or National 5 award depending upon their ability. Both subjects can be studied at Higher level in S5 or S6.