Session 2019-20 Letters/Documents

Attendance S1 – S3
S4 Course Choice Form 2020
S4 Course Choice Letter 2020
Curriculum Consultation Letter – Dec 2019
National Entitlement Card Info
Parental Communication
Quiz Night flyer
Senior Phase Assessments – Timetable
Senior Phase Assessments – Parental Letter
Senior Phase Parents’ Evening Information
Senior Phase Report Date – September 2019
Additional Learning Opportunities
Parental Letter – Scholar
Clubs + Activities 2019-20
Support for Learning – S1 Parent Open Event
Photograph Permission
Show My Homework
School Photos – S1, S3, S5 and S6
School Photos – S2
Promoting Positive Behaviour Poster
School Improvement Priorities – Session 19-20
Parent Council AGM – 2nd September 2019
Parents of pupils in receipt of FSM
Presentation – 15 August 2019
LHS School App Info
SQA Key Dates August 2019
Lesmahagow High School Post Results Service policy 2019
Parental Letter – PSE Curriculum – August 2019

Session 2018-19 Letters/Documents

Parental Letter – Uniform Letter – June 2019
Uniform Leaflet – June 2019
Parental Consultation – School Priorities 2019-20
Catering Service Survey Link
P7 Transition Day Information
P7 Parent Information Booklet
Parental Survey Letter
Foundation Apprenticeships
SQA Letter – 17 April 2019
S4-6 Presentation to pupils – 27 March 2019
SQA:  My SQA Leaflet 2019
SQA:  Your Exams Guidance
SQA Letter to Parents Update
Letter to P7 Parents/Carers
Curriculum + School Day Letter
Additional Learning Opportunities
Curriculum Consultation Decisions & Feedback Summary
S5 Option Presentation for Parents
S6 Option Presentation for Parents
National 5 Mathematics Revision Booklet
National 5 Exam Revision
Modern Apprentice Quantity Surveyor
Craft Modern Apprenticeship Programme
Mechanical Electrical Engineering
Clyde Marine Training
Raising Attainment Evening
Lesmahagow Development Trust  Young Achievers Grant
Parental Letter – 14 February 2019
S6 Options Form 2019/20
S5 Options Form 2019/20
S6 Options 2019/20
S5 Options 2019/20
Raising Attainment letter
Youth Employability Brochure
S2 Parents’ Meeting Letter
Curriculum Consultation Letter
Careers Fair Flyer
Senior Phase Options Presentation
S4 Course Choice form 2019
School Holidays – 2019/20
School Holidays – 2020/21
Christmas Fair poster
PSE Curriculum
Hallowe’en Disco
Parent Council flyer
Christmas Fair
SQA Your Coursework 2018-19
LHS Scholar Letter for parents
GoFresh School Meal Menus from 29 October 2018
SLC Standards & Quality Report 2017-18
Additional Learning Opportunities 2018-19
Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs 2018-19
December 2018 Assessment Letter for Parents
Promoting Positive Behaviour Poster
Religious Observances 2018-19
School Improvement Priorities 2018-19
Parents of pupils in receipt of FSM
Reporting Timetable 2018-19
School Photos – S1, S3, S5 and S6
School Photos – S2
S5/6 Learner Agreement
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Privacy Notice
LHS School App Info
Parent Council AGM – 3rd September 2018
SQA Key Dates August 2018
Lesmahagow High School Post Results Service policy 2018

Session 2017-18 Letters/Documents

Parental Letter – 26 June 2018
School App Information
Free School Meals and Clothing Grants 2018-19
Parental Consultation – School Improvement Priorities
Parental Letter – Uniform Letter – June 2018
Parental Consultation – School Vision and Values
1L2 Changes – Milton
1L2 Changes – Logan
1L2 Changes – Kerse
1L2 Changes
1L2 Changes – 1L1
Excursion Policy Cover 2018
School App Launch April 2018
SQA Update
SQA Letter to parents
SQA Exam Timetable 2018
S6 Course Choice Form 2018-19
Senior Phase Options LHS 2018 new S6 parent
S5 Course Choice Form 2018-19
Senior Phase Options LHS 2018 new S5 parent
Additional Learning Opportunities February
Support for Learning/Pupil Support Staffing

Parents’ Information Evening – S5/6 Options

Uniform Letter – January 2018
S1 Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) Workshop Letter
School Handbook 2018
S2 Parents Evening Letter
Attendance Certificate Letter – January 2018
January Assessment Parental Letter (update 19 Jan 2018)
Updated exam timetable
S4 Options Presentation – 2018-19
S4 Option Form – 2018-19
S3 Parents Evening Letter 
P7 Transition Calendar
Letter to Coalburn Bus
January Assessment Parental Letter Updated
Additional Learning Opportunities
Senior Phase Parents Evening Letter
S6 Assembly Presentation – 2 November 2017
S5 Assembly Presentation – 1 November 2017
S4 Assembly Presentation – 31 October 2017
Study Guide for Pupils
Careers Event
Christmas Fair 2017
NEW Winter School Lunch Menus
School Lunch Menus
P7/S1 Open Afternoon – P7 Invite
P7/S1 Open Afternoon – S1 Invite
Letter seeking Parental Email Addresses (Sept 17)
Calendar 2017-18
Parent Pay Leaflet
School Photos – Notice
School Photos
School Photos – S2
Parent Council AGM Invite
Parental Letter (with photo) – 17 August 2017
SQA Key Dates – Summer 2017
LHS Post-results Service:  Policy and procedures


Session 2016-17 Letters/Documents

Newsletter – June 2017
Uniform Letter (16 June 2017)
Uniform Leaflet (16 June 2017)
Open Days 2017
S1 Parental Letter – May 2017
S2 Parental Letter – May 2017
S3 Parental Letter – May 2017
S4/5 Parental Letter – May 2017
S4-5 Uniform Consultation – Parental Letter (May 2017)
Barcelona Letter (May 2017)
S1-3 Uniform Consultation – Parental Letter (May 2017)
P7 Transition Letter (May 2017)
S1 Parents’ Meeting Letter
Uniform Consultation Letter – Primary School Parents
SQA Parental Letter (April 2017)
Uniform Letter (March 2017)
P7 Parent Booklet (March 2017)
Parental Letter – UES College Coursework Trip (March 2017)
Parental Letter – LEAF Fishing Trip (March 2017)
Additional Learning Opportunities – Senior Phase
Parental Letter – Late Coming (March 2017)
SCQF Parental Leaflet
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme
Parental Letter – Social Media
Parent Advice – Social Media
Parent Council Letter
Parental letter – Pupil Expectation