Careers and Courses in Mathematics

Why Maths?

So you may be asking yourself why do I need to study maths or how will maths help me in my future career? (Some of you often ask us – Why do we need to study this?) There are a multitude of uses for maths and indeed many employers look for people who have good numerical skills.

Of course, you could follow in our footsteps and become a maths teacher!

Or how about one of the following? Acturial Mathematics, Biomathematics, Quantitative Finance (The kind of maths used on Wall Street), Computer Science, Operations Research, Civil Engineering, Cryptologist, Air Traffic Control, Technical Writing or Public Health and Epidemology. The following pages will hopefully serve as a sample guide as to the kinds of career open to those who have an interest in maths. There are many more websites available and if you have any questions just ask and we will try to guide you in the right direction.

The Institute of Mathematics & its Applications
Maths Careers
University of Kent
The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
You can do Maths


Once you have discovered your future career in mathematics the following eight Scottish University websites should be your next port of call to find out current entry requirements.

University of Strathclyde University of Glasgow
University of Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University
University of Stirling University of St Andrews
University of Dundee University of Aberdeen


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