Useful Maths Websites

The following websites have a lot of useful information and may help you with your studies!  😆
Making good use of these will help you fulfill your potential in Maths.

LHS Maths Department Help site – we have created a user friendly site with information regarding homework and exam strategy.

Super Maths World – Contains practice questions ranging from Early Level CfE to Advanced Higher Maths in a computer game format. You should know the password but if you need a reminder see your teacher. Keep practising questions on areas you need to develop until you feel confident.

Educreations – Lessons created by teachers as well as pupils on many subjects (not only Mathematics). Have you made a lesson and logged it? Use this website in combination with your iPad to create, record and post your lesson!

BBC Bitesize – Contains a variety of review resources and short tests. Read through the notes and then attempt the test. Review any questions you get wrong. Ask your teacher if you are not sure.

Maths Revision – Extremely useful website full of notes and power point presentations detailing the paths through CfE and beyond.

SQA – Official SQA website containing information regarding exams. Including the exam timetable. Remember the most important date this year is 6th May – Dday for all Maths exams 😯

Education Scotland – Government websites containing information on the changes in the new curriculum and has a variety of quesion and answer sections that may be useful for parents.

Khan Academy – Learning and teaching resources on a variety of subjects (not only Mathematics) developed by Salman Khan provided via short video lessons.